Anyone who has spare time, if you could please send a nice message to I would be eternally grateful and love you forever ;_; 

Tom is feeling really down, and any supportive messages about SitC are much appreciated ^___^ 

- Jamie xxx

skeletonkiddie asked:

hope you and tom are feeling much better, and I hope tom starts feeling less stressed soon. the fact that people blame everything on tom is appalling! but the fact that you stick by tom and love him no matter what the assholes do and say to him, and the fact that he continues to do what he loves is so brilliant, and I admire the both of you for being wonderful people!! stay positive, lovely!! <33 :D


This means so much, honestly :) 

I’m currently selling a Jasmine painting on Ebay ^__^ just to see how it goes :’D started the bidding at $0.99 since the shipping is quite costly ._. 

Guess we’ll see how this goes 

P.S. yes, my buzz lightyear has a pink totoro hat ;) -referring to second pic

simply-unfathomable asked:

Tom is so lucky to have you! No matter what these mindless people say, he doesn't have to worry. Everyone is by him 100%


Awww :) Thank you ^___^

cautiouscastiel asked:

Hey! I just want to say that I'm really sorry that people were sending awful messages like that to you and Tom. I know that you may not see this but both of you are great people and truly don't deserve that xxx


Thank you so much ^__^

- Jamie xxx <3


To all the girls who are calling my boyfriend Tom Burns a pedo, and particularly to the girls who sent me messages about how I should totally cut and murder him, and stated that he probably had AIDS / raped little girls at SitC. I am so disappointed/upset/angry. This kind of stuff is not funny. Do not spread FAKE rumors. Tom honestly does not deserve this form of hate. 

I love Tom very much and to read those things this weekend made me so sad. 

He is the most loving, caring, and moral person I know, and has put so many YEARS into SitC. Summer in the City couldn’t happen without him. And for people to tarnish his name is just terrible. 

Tom has always been unbelievably kind to me, and the most perfect boyfriend any girl could hope for. 

Also, over the past few months I’ve watched him put so much effort, time, and hard work into the event. Not sleeping and losing weight due to stress. 

So please stop sending him horrible messages to his personal accounts. I’m sorry some if you weren’t able to meet the youtubers you wanted to, and that there were some mess ups, but destroying a person’s name is not a good thing. He is not to blame. The youtubers physically can not meet everyone. 

I got several messages from Tom tonight about how he was so upset with the things people sent him on twitter. People telling him to fuck off, go kill himself. He was red eyed and threw up because of how sick to his stomach it all made him. This is obviously affecting him a lot. 

He has stated that if anyone has had any issues with the event or ideas for improvements to send them to 

It is a community event. So seeing all the blame fall on him for any bad experiences individuals may have had makes me very sad. 

However, overall it appears that Summer in the City was a huge huge success this year. I couldn’t be more proud of everyone involved and I look forward to being able to attend next year.

And again, SitC could not happen without his hard work. None of you would have been able to see, meet, or be in the same room as your favourite youtubers this weekend. And the community would lose something special. 

- Lots of Love

  Jamie xxx

SITC sitc2014 bananajamana youtube

SitC 2014 - Halfway Update!


We’ve just wrapped up our Saturday of the main weekend event, and today has been absolutely amazing!

Some important notes we’d like to make, following feedback from today:

We understand people will want to wait from very early outside the event, but we have to advise that you keep an eye on…

Sharing this :)

I was given a coupon code for Summer tn the City’s Creator Day ^__^

Use CREATOR50 for 50% off :D

It’s going to be super fun and what I like the most about these workshop days is that you get to meet youtubers on a more friendly basis. It’s not crowded and it’s very professional and just nice.